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Why does coaching work?

Some of the reasons include:

  • The accountability provided by the coaching relationship encourages clients to take action on the goals they have established for themselves.
  • The client owns the process, not the coach.
  • I facilitate a discovery process that enables and empowers the client to achieve their greatest potential.
Who hires a coach and why?

Companies, organizations and individuals hire coaches to:

  • realize their greatest potential.
  • achieve greater success, increased productivity and profitability.
  • take their personal and professional life and/or business to a new level.
  • discover what it is they are seeking that they don’t know right now!

It’s as simple as that. I support clients to attain all four.

How is coaching different from consulting, therapy and athletic coaching?

Consultants offer advice, and give solutions to predetermined issues and recommend a path for the company or individual to follow. Often Consultants provide a procedure, process, or written report for the client to follow in attaining their desired results. Consultants are trained to provide solutions to their clients. At this point the majority of consulting engagements are complete. Although Coaching is a form of consulting, Coaches do not TELL clients what to do to resolve a problem or to advance their careers; Coaches ASK the client what they want to do to attain their desired results. Coaches are professionally trained in methods to advance the client’s thinking and processing of opportunities to implement action plans the client determines to be the greatest potential for their personal and professional advancement. Coaches focus on the future and support their clients to do something about it today. They stay with the client to support the implementation of new skills, changes and goals to ensure the desired results.
Therapy and Coaching differ in many ways. In the simplest definition, therapy identifies and treats diseases or disorders, as by some remedial, rehabilitating process. Coaches do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders. The Therapist is trained in the use of psychological methods for helping patients overcome psychological problems. Coaches remain focused on the future and the forward movement of the client. Coaches don’t work in the past or on “psychological issues”.
Sports Coaching and Business/Career Coaching share a number of similar traits yet offer some very distinct differences. A Sports Coach is an expert in their chosen sport; they are the authority as well as the instructor. Sports Coaches motivate the team and players to perform at their highest athletic potential and to win the game. Athletic Coaches look for the gaps in performance and tell the players how to fill the gap. Business/Career Coaches focus on the opportunities (gaps) in an individual’s or organization’s professional performance. They are able to see gaps and blind-spots the client may not be able to identify because the client is too close to the situation. Examples include breakdown in communication, motivation of their teams, understanding the specific needs of their staff and direct reports. The principles of teamwork, going for the goal, and being your best apply to both sports and business. Unlike sports coaching, my business or career coaching is not focused on competition or based upon a win/lose result. My focus is on strengthening the client’s skills vs. helping them beat the other team. It’s win/win.

How are your coaching services delivered?

Coaching is conducted by telephone, which is very convenient for both the client and the coach. Normally, the sessions are formatted as three 45-minute sessions per month with an initial commitment of 3 months. I can also work with you to create another format based upon your personal or organization needs.

What assessments and surveys do you offer?

I offer a number of assessments and survey instruments specifically designed to help individuals, teams and groups obtain critical feedback, and to measure knowledge, strengths and motivators.
Assessments will be used only when appropriate. If I notice a pattern of behavior or a blind spot for a client it will be brought to the client’s awareness. There are occasions when the best way to understand how others perceive us is through the use of an assessment tool. I am qualified and experienced in using several tools such DiSC® Profile, Workplace Big FiveTM, 360 Assessments, Core Values, Behavioral and Needs Assessments.

How much will your services and programs cost?

I typically charge by the month or the event. Individual and group coaching program fees vary because no two clients are exactly the same. Programs include workshops and personalized coaching services for both individuals and the group. During an initial conversation we will design our agreement, clarify your goals and requirements, and create a strategy that is uniquely appropriate for you. All of our coaching programs are an investment in your future.
All clients have access to additional mentoring and coaching between sessions via email, voicemail and/or quick telephone conversations at no extra cost.
Additionally, I offer a money back guarantee so that if you do not get the results you want in our first month of working together you will get a full refund.
For non-profit organizations, I offer a 10% discount.

Do you work with individuals as well as companies?

Yes. I work with individuals, companies, organizations, teams and various employee and volunteer groups.

Do you accept anyone or are you selective?

I am selective. I work with successful people who want to take their work and life to the next level and are motivated to do the necessary work to achieve their goals.

What about people who are already successful and have well balanced lives? Can they benefit from a coach?

Coaching is about taking successful people and businesses to even greater success. The process supports organizations and individuals in their forward, visionary thinking. It allows the space to think and consider all the possibilities in the fast paced world we live in.
One thing every individual and company is faced with is CHANGE. Coaching supports all aspects of change – from the individual who feels uncomfortable with change to the individual who embraces it.
Organizational attitude toward change is critical to success. Coaching allows a place to express honest feelings and emotions about change with absolutely no judgment.

Can I see testimonials from former clients in a similar situation to mine?

Yes. Testimonials are available upon request or viewable via my profile page on LinkedIn.

What is the ROI range achieved by your clients?

My clients consistently report they work less, make more money in less time, and have more fun! It’s not unusual to hear of over 100% increase in effectiveness or productivity!

What are the three, primary “pay-off” benefits of your coaching?
  • Clients are more focused on their real goals and vision in life and/or business.
  • Clients experience reduced stress and tolerate fewer distractions and time wasting in their personal life and business.
  • Clients have a strategic partner in personal and business development, motivation when strong actions are required, and unconditional support when you take a hit!
Are there mile markers to show my sequential progress as the program is unfolding?

Yes – I will be tracking your progress.

Will your coaching focus produce consistency in all my/our efforts?


Do you have a process in place to ensure that I become self-sufficient to prevent me from drifting back to old habits over time?

Yes – coaching is not about creating a dependency. Coaching strengthens your ‘personal foundation’ so you are better equipped to deal with future events. Clients do come back occasionally for “tune-ups.”

Will I be able to measure the impact you have on my life and/or business?

Yes! As my client, you will be constantly aware of the improvements in your life as you meet the coaching targets.

Will you assist me in the actual implementation of our coaching in my life and/or business?


What forms of payment do you accept?
  • PayPal(TM) internet payments
  • Credit cards accepted via PayPal(TM) (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)
  • Money orders or checks in US dollars
  • International payments by pre-arrangement only
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