Business Testimonials - Positive FeedbackPam has built up a formidable reputation for effective coaching that brings results. Her career as a Professional Coach has many success stories; here are just a small handful of appreciative comments made by her clients:

“Pam’s assistance helped clarify my thoughts re a potential change in role within my existing employer. She specifically helped to break down a complex series of thoughts and emotions into a manageable set of problems and gave sound and constructive advice on how to approach each issue. She provided both career coaching and independent HR guidance.”

John Arthur, London, United Kingdom – hired Pam as a Career/Executive Coach in 2009



“I approached Pam for coaching when I was faced with a merger and I was determined to come out of it well. In the event, Pam coached me through the decision to leave my well paid post as Chief Executive and in planning the major life change that it entailed. She was dispassionate – calm when I was fraught, thoughtful when I was anxious – and asked me questions which took me to places I would have not found myself. I am very proud of how I managed my exit, downsized my home life and set up my own business, and I know that Pam was a constant supportive and driving presence all the way through. Without her I might have done it, although messily and painfully, but with her it was a series of positive steps towards a clearly defined goal. Working with Pam kept me focused and balanced through some difficult times and now I really appreciate the change we made together!”

Kathy Gee, former CEO, Birmingham, United Kingdom – hired Pam as a Career Coach in 2005



I worked with Pam in 2006. She was instrumental in helping me develop an effective, realistic, action plan to help me achieve the goals I had envisioned for myself. The coaching she provided helped keep me focused, accountable, and taking action on my vision.

The leadership and coaching skills she possesses are outstanding, I highly recommend her to all my associates.

As a direct result of her coaching this I have realized my dream of setting up my own health and wellness company, secured our first corporate wellness contract, and are poised to open our first wellness facility in uptown Charlotte, NC.

Coaching is a huge asset in leadership development and making our dreams reality, Pam is a first rate professional, with the best skills in the industry.

James K. Guimond, ACSM, CGFI,  Charlotte, North Carolina, USA – hired Pam as a Business Coach in 2006



“Pam Sheppard is a superbly talented, generous and committed coach. I loved working with her. Pam’s keen insights helped me take stock of where I am and where I intend to go at a time of major personal and professional transitions in my life. I highly recommend Pam as a fantastic resource.”

Nancy Northrop, Charlotte North Carolina USA – hired Pam as a Career/Business Coach 2010



“I was fortunate to be introduced to Pam Sheppard during a period of transition for me. Pam is the consummate professional. She approaches her business with energy, confidence and balance. Pam seeks to understand and listens before helping to craft plans designed to accomplish agreed upon objectives. I admire her ability to assess situations and apply techniques that move the process forward, whether it’s adding structure, the right amount of influence, or levity that relaxes. I continue to value her counsel. Pam would add irrefutable value to organizations and individuals seeking to identify and implement changes in their environment.”

Mitchell Carter,  Charlotte, North Carolina USA – hired Pam as a Career Coach in 2009



“I took a new job in March of 2008. I was a bit overwhelmed in my new role. I hired Pam as my Coach and she helped me set goals, make a plan and work through it. I became less overwhelmed and got things accomplished. Pam was very helpful in helping me move forward!”

Mona Johnson-Gibson,  Charlotte, North Carolina USA – hired Pam as a Career/Executive Coach