Business Coaching

If you are a Business Owner does this sound familiar?

“I find I am spending too much time in the business, and not on it. I need to change behaviors that are not supporting my vision for success.”

Business coaching successThe reality of owning a small business can be like riding the largest roller coaster in the park – at least once a day. And when it comes to work life balance – you have probably forgotten what that means!

Maybe you’re working longer and harder than any job you’ve ever had. You might feel overwhelmed and frustrated. And you’re supposed to balance this with a personal life? No chance!

Most small business owners are so busy ‘doing’ that they lose sight of the goal: success.

That’s where business coaching comes in.  Coaching will keep you on track by helping you identify your vision, mission and values along with long and short term strategies and a realistic plan of action to achieve your goals and objectives.

As a coach I am skilled at eliciting conversations that have you take action in areas where you have previously been stuck or stalled. In these conversations you will start to see things from a different perspective.

During a business coaching session you have the opportunity to stand back and look at your business from an objective point of view with the guidance of a strategic partner who is not a stakeholder in your life or business.

My approach is to work with you on what is right and what is working versus what is wrong and needs to be fixed. This perspective leaves you empowered and challenged to take the next logical step in your business.

What issues can be addressed?

  • Goal setting
  • Vision, Mission and Purpose
  • Business models
  • Production
  • Sales-Marketing strategies
  • Managing employees
  • Communicating with ease
  • Personnel issues
  • Hiring/Firing
  • Troubleshooting areas for improvement
  • Getting successful systems and structures in place
  • Developing a strategic plan that will have you working on the business not in the business