What Can I Expect From My Coaching Session?

Your coaching session - What can you expect?

All of our interactions will remain strictly confidential, meaning I will not share any information provided by you with anyone, without your express consent.

You may contact me outside of our scheduled sessions, if you prefer not to wait until our next formal meeting.

You are encouraged to stay in touch with me via email, as this provides an easily accessible way for me to monitor your progress, and to add extra insights during our time together. I generally do not coach during the last week of the month.

I usually coach from the top of the hour to 45 minutes after. The most accessible time to reach me is in that 15 minute time period before the upcoming hour. Otherwise, I will always reply to your requests within 48 hours, except when out of town, on holiday, or during the last week of the month.

Commitments and Integrity

  • If I make a promise to you, it will be kept.
  • If I am unable to keep a commitment, I will notify you of this as soon as possible.
  • I will deal with you in the highest standard of integrity, honesty, professionalism, and respect.
  • I am adamant about delivering high value to my clients.
  • I will let you know if I feel my involvement is not likely to make a positive difference in your life.

Non-Judgmental Attitude
I am not here to judge right or wrong. My position is to coach the “real you” in the life you want. As there are times when you will share information that may make you vulnerable, you are assured that I will treat your choices and actions (past, present, and future) with respect.

Tenacity About Your Progress
As you have hired me to enable you to grow, I know that some of the best value I can deliver to you comes through the “tough places” you may be unwilling to visit on your own. I will give honest feedback, ask challenging questions, give assignments designed to challenge your comfort, make you accountable to your commitments, and every once in a while give you a gentle, always caring kick in the behind.

In coaching, you can expect information, advice, support, collaboration, strategies, continuous presence, energy, creativity, availability, and partnership – all with the added ingredients of a sense of fun and humor!

30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee
If, within the first 30 days of our coaching relationship, you feel that the process is unlikely to make a difference in your life, business and/or career, please let me know and I will refund your first month’s fee.